Google Play Store Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss

GooglePlay is the prime terminus for Android users. It satisfies all the games and apps we search for. Google play store has a massive collection of all apps and games. But you sometimes you may not find the app that you are looking for even when there are many apps available out there. There are many causes for unavailability of that app. The app may not be accessible in your region.  The app may be not properly developed for you to download it. Your device may show some error to download it from the Play Store. But there are many alternative app stores available for play store and these alternative app stores are safe to visit.

There are many secondary app markets are in existence and they host countless apps. They have various offers on apps such as the best overture on paid apps, you can download apps for free, and discount on top-rated apps.

Best Google Play Store Alternative App Stores 2019

Installing applications from another source other than Google Play Store and services is impassable on Android devices by default. To install an alternative app store the user have to change some settings. Now, go to mobile settings click security and enable installation from unknown sources. This will help the user to now install alternative app stores. 

1. Aptoide 


Aptoide is designed in the way that it matches Google play store standards. When you experience Aptoide it is almost a like the Play Store with a well-planned user interface.

It is an open source android app. There are over 700,000 apps available in Aptoide. You get to choose from its collection of over 3.5 billion downloads. More than 150 million users use Aptoide worldwide. 

There are numerous versions of Aptoide app 

  • Aptoide app for mobile devices which supports smartphones and tablets
  • Aptoide for televisions this versions helps you to use this app on your smart television and it is programmed to work in set up boxes.
  • Aptoide for VR and Aptoide in children’s devices such as gaming devices.

Aptoide app is user-friendly it is very safe it cares about user’s privacy. So your personal information’s are highly confidential. It allows you to download the app directly. After the download, you can install the app. It is the best alternative app for your Google play store. 

Download Aptoide

2. Blackmart Alpha


   Blackmart Alpha is a market app which is an alternative to the Google Play Store. It supports tablet devices and smartphones with Android of the operating system. You can download apps from Blackmart without registration. Blackmart allows its users to download apps without any sign in or a Blackmart account.

How does the Blackmart Function?

  • It is very easy to use Blackmart. Blackmart offers many applications to download
  • All applications on Blackmart are free of cost. Users don’t have to pay anything to download an app from Blackmart. This is one of the striking features of the black mart. 
  • Google play store is inclusive but there are some apps which are paid apps so users cannot download everything. But Blackmart store gives full freedom to its users to download everything for free.
  • You also have customized your search options. The black mart app store is very innate  

Benefits of Blackmart 

  1. extremely easy to use, it’s easy to handle this app from the first use of this application
  2. It is available in many languages. This multilingual option is  for a user’s worldwide 
  3. Completely free of cost. No payment method needed to download Blackmart apps 
  4. All applications are downloadable 
  5. Very fast in downloading apps and installing it 

Download Blackmart

3. Amazon App Store 


Amazon app store is also known as Amazon underground store. It is one of the best alternatives for Google Play Store to download paid apps for free of cost. The app has more than 3 million different diverse of amazing apps. It is free as it also has paid apps. The most fascinating thing about the Amazon App store has a stunning feature of “free app of the day. Every day anyone premium application is offered to download for free. Those who cleverly check the app store every day can download many popular premium apps for free. Amazon app store is the best substitute for the Google play store. 

This app store has an incalculable collection of music, books, and movies. Which are available for a price lower than GooglePlay Store.
Amazon app store is one of the best alternatives to Google plays stores so many download apps to your device. They are very safe it is not malicious.

Download Amazon App Store

4. Appbrain


Are you looking for an apps store which gives premium apps for free?  Then look no further because you can reach your final destination by downloading the Appbrain app store. Developers have offers on paid apps for free for a limited period of time. Appbrain advertises the store through this. This App Store alternative for play store it allows the user to access app details.

Download AppBrain

Most of the apps in Appbrain are from Google Play Store. Appbrain has an app and a website to which allows users to see its catalog. 

There are many app alternatives available. You can choose the best app store to download your favorite games and apps from them.  

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